Monday, 26 January 2015

The Weekend

Sanderlings, Calidris alba
I am trying to cast my mind back - all of a day -to think what I did over the weekend.  Began to climb the mountain of Butterfly paperwork - am on the way down now, as apart from an irritating query I am following up, its just a question of posting all the membership packages.   My shoulder is hurting again, even though I am trying to stick to my timer and 30 minute increments.

Jackie and Linda came round for a curry evening on Friday - I was out on the field service with Sarah and a very young brother on Saturday morning. He held the tracts for us, which was a great help on the doors, as me trying to juggle Bible, magazines and tracts can be a bit like getting a visit from Mr.Bean.

It was a sunny day - the sky an amazing clear blue - but with a cold wind to remind us it was midWinter.

It was the meeting at the Hall yesterday - Maggie was not very well, coughing all the time.  Kathy and I arranged to work together tomorrow morning. I would like to take her on my magazine route calls, hoping some of them will be at home.

Col has been out getting some wonderful bird photos.  The Sanderlings remind me of a line in a Donna Williams poem, about hens with their "stickletti legs".

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