Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Dessiccator

Nute has got a little obsessive since she got the DeHumifidier.  It whirrs away all the time, and she can no longer tolerate a drop of moisture in the house.  So I am a bit worried about our next visit.   Will we walk up the garden path, which will be strangely overgrown, and strewn with dry leaves though it is high Summer?   And will the front door creak open to reveal Nute, Ken, Ollie and Scooter lying on the carpet like crumbling Autumn leaves?

Even so, Captain Butterfly is thinking of getting us one (a Dessiccator, not an Autumn leaf) - especially as I am going to be spending the next couple of day doing loads of washing, and drying it in the flat.

We had a good journey down - though it was foggy most of the way, and the fields were white with frost. We came via the Derby branch, and admired their new kitchen extension, which gives them a splendid view over the River Derwent.   We stopped for our usual sandwiches and flask of tea en route.

The lunch at Brocco-on-the Park on Friday was splendid, and we plan to go again.  And we saw Bea and family yesterday, and were treated to another lovely lunch - lemon sole, with peas, and potatoes cooked with cobb nut oil, followed by apple pie.  Young Anna came over to see us before disappearing with her friends, which was very sweet of her, and Simon and Phyllis came over after lunch.

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