Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Conscience and Conflict

We went to "Conscience and Conflict" at the Pallant today. Its an exhibition of paintings about the Spanish Civil War. I found it very depressing - all this urging us on to kill each other - and went and sat in the lobby till Col had finished.   While there I fell in love with two of the regular paintings that I have often seen before.

One is Kitaj's "The Architects" - I love his colour palette, and the way he re-creates the house and family.  The other is "Two Nudes" by Peter de Francia.   It is of two beautiful Caribbean ladies bathing.  One has a wistful Modigliani face.

Of course it obeys the rather tiresome rule that, as soon as an artist walks past us, us ladies start to take a bath, or fall out of the top of our frocks.   Oddly, we seem to learn not to when we get past thirty or so. But these two ladies are young.

Both paintings are full of life though - and filled me with hope.  They praise the beauty of the world, of the creation.  And speak of how interesting it all is.

The washing is all done - though there still some ironing left.   And we are slowly starting to get back into our home routines.

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