Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Weather in the Streets

Pulborough Brooks
"I do want to come to England and see you, but when will it be warm there?"

That was a question Shantha, a friend in Saudi, asked me.  She is from Southern India, where it is always warm (to put it mildly). She found even the Saudi winter hard to take, so I was a bit at a loss to think of when would be a safe time of climate for her to come - beyond Do Not Come to the UK in Winter!!

Yesterday, for example, as the Team of Shirley and Sue rode out from the Kingdom Hall on the field service, it was a perfect Autumn day, and very mild.  The sky was a tender heartbreaking blue. The red berries and colours of Autumn glowed against it.  No clouds.   We did an hour (we both have bad backs) and I took Shirley home via a call she has (sadly the lady was out) went home, had lunch, and went straight out to shop - good time to find a Disabled space in the Waitrose carpark.  When I came out from my brief shop the skies were dark and it was cold and raining.  And it pelted it down for most of the rest of the afternoon.

Later in the day we had a rainbow.

The weather is an exciting and unpredictable thing in the UK.   And a summer's day here could be colder than any weather my friend has ever known.

Will she come one day though?  I hope so.

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