Saturday, 1 November 2014

Should he have gone to Specsavers?

"I'm going to Flat No ... this morning to deliver the October magazines," I informed Captain Butterfly. "So, if the guy there is dazzled by my beauty and decides to kidnap me for his harem, you will know what to do!"

"Don't worry" said the Captain, "If that happens, I'll rush him to Specsavers, pronto."

I wonder what treatment Specsavers would recommend for a husband with two black eyes?

I went to the Field Service group yesterday afternoon, and Jane kindly came out with me.  And I drove her round the remains of her magazine route calls for October. We were both trying to get them done before November starts.  And hopefully we now have.  We had a lovely talk with a lady who has just had a new hip installed, and were able to commiserate with each other.  So I felt useful. Another gift from Jehovah, and another reason to rejoice in the truth.

She coped well with my driving, being a valiant sister.

I also supplied Captain Butterfly with his sandwich lunch, and made us veggie soup for supper - plus some studying and a whole load of washing - and talked to Bea. She is creating some intriguing pincushion art at the moment.   And the Arthritis nurse phoned - it looks like a shoulder xray may be looming up...

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