Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Team of Jenny and Sue, and the Team of Mike, Jackie, Cathy and Sue

The team of Jenny and Sue set sail from the Kingdom Hall at 10 clock this morning. We worked on one of the private roads, found a few people in, had a couple of conversations and can only hope we have sown a seed or two.  Its like trying to wake people from a deep sleep. And I know how fast asleep I was for so many years.

Jackie and I went to the giant Marks and Sparks at Shoreham... a girly shopping trip... yesterday morning.   We had coffee, bought nightwear, and visited the Food Hall. Once again a day of rain, sunshine and wonderful Autumn light.   She came for supper on Monday night - stir fry chicken and mushrooms with rice and spring rolls - followed by ice-cream and chocolate cake.

The stir fry turned out well, though I says it as shouldn't.  The rest was very good and courtesy of Waitrose.

And on Tuesday morning I worked with Mike, and Jackie and Cathy.  We did half an hour till the rain drove us off the doors, so I drove Mike and Jackie back home, and Cathy and I did some calls. We tried the bell of Dave the Mysterious, but yet again, no-one in.  I have emailed him, to ask if (a) he still wants the magazines and (b) if he still lives there!  But nothing.

I will have to pray about it  The letter box to his flat is ungettatable, unless you have the special trades code. And I don't.  So I will have to keep on posting the magazines to him, until I hear otherwise, or decide otherwise.

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