Sunday, 23 November 2014

At some lovely Doors

Jean and I finally managed to get back to call on the lady who had asked us for a "What Does the Bible Really Teach? " book.   We had a long talk with her - and are to go back.   She had taken the book for her son, but took another one for herself.  

She said that her son no longer blames God for the tragedy that has overtaken their family.  So how powerful Jehovah's word is.

We also found young Emma at home.  We seem to have got her out the shower!  So we couldn't talk for long, but she seemed pleased to see us, and happy with the info.   And Jean found two of her return visits at home as well.    It is so hard to find people in, so it was a good morning. Although it was a stressful one, as it was raining.  My car doesn't really de-mist, plus I couldn't remember how to turn the back window windscreen wipers on...

25 years of driving on Planet Expat, where there was no rain to speak of, has not really equipped me for driving in England.   I used to feel sick with apprehension about going out on the field service - because of the driving, not because of going to the doors (though like most of us, I do not find that easy either).  Now I am just nervous, at a more manageable level.  And thanks very much to Jehovah for that, as obviously I have prayed about it.

We were round at Jack's last night - Tom unable to join us sadly, still not well enough.  We had a wonderful roast lamb dinner.  You can trust Jackie with lamb, she cooks it properly, not fashionably - i.e. its cooked, not raw. And crispy roast potatoes!   Plus, after some subtle hints - ("Can I have some of that lamb to take home") - Captain Butterfly got a parcel of lamb we can have for our supper today. Perhaps a lamb salad?   Linda might be joining us, so I think I had better do some shopping after the meeting.

Its a grey and rainy morning here on the English Channel. And I must get some Windscreen Wiper re-training from the Captain before I set sail for the meeting.   Our Watchtower study today is: "The Last Enemy, Death, Brought to Nothing".  1 Cor.13:26   And I wish you could all be there, at your local Kingdom Hall, studying it with us.

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