Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Re-educating the Crab Spider

Saturday was the Butterfly AGM. We set off in the morning, laden with a large box of marmalade muffins.   The Captain was on carpark duty and I was in the school kitchen.

Our first talk - after the tedious but necessary business of the Annual General Meeting  (ably and swiftly conducted by Nigel) - was by a professor who is an expert on moths and moth&butterfly wings.  I heard his name as Professor Moths, but was disappointed later to find out it was Moss.  I couldn't hear too well at all as my tinnitus was bad - screaming in my ear and making me feel quite dizzy at one point.

We broke for tea and cake, and I had intended to go and help serve but was detained on Membership Secretary business.  I turned up in time for the washing up and helped wash and dry millions of cups, plates and saucers until Michael Blencowe's talk began. We all rushed off to listen, leaving the rest of the pots for later. Captain Butterfly, helped us at the end of the day and we did get them all done.

Michael gave us a concise, interesting and funny review of the Butterfly year - including a small clip of his appearance on Springwatch.

We saw the beauty and the complexity of the world - the exquisite detail of the moth and butterfly wings alone speaks so clearly of the Grand Creator, Jehovah of armies.  

Two sad things.  Jehovah was neither mentioned nor thanked - so different from at the Kingdom Hall where we often discuss the beauty and the glory of the creation.     And also "the original serpent" is still in the garden.  We saw a crab spider munching on a severely endangered Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary.  Very upsetting.   If it must eat butterflies for the moment, perhaps we could train it to eat a more populous species?

Although of course only the incoming Kingdom of God is going to restore the loving harmony in nature that prevailed in Eden.  
Butterfly Mark was there, though I only said a brief hello from the kitchen sink, where I was up to my elbows in soapy water and cups and saucers.

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