Friday, 7 November 2014

Hello Julia! (and another Landmark)

Hello Julia, if you are reading this.  Lovely to talk to you this evening.

Its been a busy day for me - shopping - pile of ironing - making cakes for the Butterfly AGM tomorrow - marmalade muffins, 2 batches (they have turned out well, thank goodness) - and wading through my expenses as Audrey asked me if I would bring them with me tomorrow and she will write me a cheque. Its amazing how the postage costs add up.

Another landmark yesterday.   I went with Steve to Richard's Bible study.  It must be nearly two year since I last saw him as I couldn't get up the stairs in his flats.   He is coming on really well, but still isn't getting to the meetings.   The meeting was lovely - and Col chauffered me, which was a very nice surprise.  It was a wild and stormy night, with roadworks.

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