Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Car Load of Siblings

Yesterday was a busy day - by my current standards.  Two loads of washing done - a big shop - Lidl's and Waitrose - much lugging of shopping bags upstairs as I came back to find the lifts not working! - emailing done - studying done - and I got some magazine route calls done - and two return visits.

Sadly neither return visit wants to talk to me again.  But the second one, a young lad, is moving away soon, and I said that wherever he is we will be calling, and please could he listen when we do.  He was very nice. They both were.

This morning I set off from the Kingdom Hall with a carload - 3 siblings.   We finished our territory in just under the hour and went off for a coffee - we were very cold by then and it had started to rain. I took the two brothers home and got back much later than usual worrying about the Captain's lunch. We always have it at 12.15, with Bargain Hunt.    But he had taken sandwiches and gone out into the wilds, so I wasted energy in pointless worry.

Haven't done much since, I must admit.

We - Jacks, the Captain and his missus - are all going to the cinema this weekend.  A rare thing for me, as I do try to avoid the product of Hollywood.  But Jackie wants to see the movie about Alan Turing. It sounds OKish... though I am a bit worried...   however, it does have Benedict Cumberbatch in it.  And all us girlies like him - even us elderly girlies. He's a very good actor too.

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