Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Watching Paint Dry

A good night's sleep - and a vivid dream just before I woke up.  That I am now going to write down - so, if you need something a bit more exciting you can go and watch some paint drying.  I was back in Expatland - it was both deserty and industrial - with two of my brothers from the congregation, one Chinese, one Arab. We had been for a swim and they were walking me back home (so, yes - swimming, walking - it was definitely a dream). We had to stand outside the Holiday Inn type place where I was living, drinking tea out of paper cups.  Men were not allowed in the building. We even had to hide behind some bushes.

The arthritis flare-up has subsided, thank goodness.  But it did remind me depressingly of the pain of the operation to come.     Col was busy with his conservation work today, and I made a big veggie casserole that used up all the left over veg.

I am having a bit of a Stevie Smith obsession at the moment, as I posted one of her poems to an internet friend in America.

Alfred the Great  (by Stevie)

Honour and magnify this man of men
Who keeps a wife and seven children on £2.10
Paid weekly in an envelope
And yet he never has abandoned hope.

Many years ago Captain B and I saw "Stevie" at the Richmond Playhouse.  Glenda Jackson played Stevie, and Mona Washbourne played her aunt - "Auntie Lion".   I can't remember who played Freddy, but they were all good. It was a spellbinding evening at the theatre - relying so much on the power of Stevie's words.

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