Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Beast

A storm system they call The Beast is supposed to be hitting us at the moment. Its been an odd day. Sunshine with portentous dark clouds. And at 4 o clock, a few minutes ago, a violent storm outburst that sent the valiant dog walkers scuttling for cover.   The sea is driving forward very fiercely. I doubt the tide could go out even if it wanted to.

We are going to Jacks for supper tonight, so will likely get soaked.

At least I have managed a busy day.  Got the butterfly paperwork mountain climbed.  All is ready for the post office on Monday now.  And  I made a giant lamb casserole out of the shopping Col brought back yesterday. That will do us for Sunday, Monday and possibly beyond.  I am trying to keep my resolve up re the coming operation by reminding myself that I will be able to take over the food shopping from poor Captain B, who finds it very tiresome. Whereas I like to see what is out there - it helps me to decide what to cook.

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