Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Kierin and The Mogul

Watching the Winter Olympics I have become aware of  a new sport - it seems to be called The Mogul, and involves ski-ing over lots of bumps and leaping and swirling in the air every so often.  Even more amazing is another new thing (new to me anyway), in which they ski down bannisters then over immense ski jumps, sometimes backwards.

Isn't life scary enough!

Its wonderful but hard to watch as when the falls come they are really nasty ones.   I loved the other new (to me, definitely not to everyone else) Olympic sport at the London games - the Kierin.   I could identify with that - with the guy on the trike, who trundles slowly out, in no danger of crashing.  He never wins, mind you. But I can identify with that too.

And I missed my chance of a Winter Olympic silver...  if only...    A group of skiers were hurtling round the rink, all bunched up in the final lap, when one slipped and took the rest down with him - except one Aussie guy who had fallen behind.  He skated through and got the gold.  Now if I had only thought to enter, I would still have been picking my way carefully round the course, holding on to the barrier firmly with both hands, while everyone else was tangled in a dazed knot on the ice.  A little effort and I could have got silver.

I would have a lot of trouble getting up onto the podium to collect my medal though, so perhaps its all for the best.

Very rainy start to the day - strong winds - but a sunny coldish afternoon as promised.

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