Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A new career?

I was watching the repeats of  "The Great British Bake-off", watching the judges Mary (Berry) and Paul (Hollywood) sampling sponge cakes filled with cream and chocolate and strawberries, and iced buns, and chocolate croissants, and what have you, and I wondered how I could get a job like that.

I would have sent off my CV, but the Captain pointed out we couldn't afford the door-widening and floor-strengthening that would be needed after I waddled home from my first day at work.   He is probably right -but those cakes!

He chauffered me to my appointment with the Anaethetist this morning. You don't just have an operation nowadays - there are all sorts of  hurdles to be got over first.   I am very grateful for the NHS though. An internet acquaintance in the U.S.of A. had terrible trouble trying to get treatment for cancer - the stress of it being enough to give anyone cancer - and now, under this new Thingummy they have, she apparently can't get any treatment at all, without paying a fortune for it, which she simply does not have.   Its a pity they didn't take a close look at the NHS - see what works and what doesn't - and tailor their health care accordingly.

Once again, as I don't get out much, I was surprised by the extent of the flooding.  And more rain is on the way.  The sea has been very stormy, and the wind is starting to get up.  It looks like the incoming tide will come over the road again tonight.

I got a card and letter off to Vera, who is in hospital and not at all well. And am talking to Audrey most days now she is home. She is housebound too - and is trying out meals on wheels. She said her first one was very good.   My mother used to deliver meals on wheels for some years.  That was a long long time ago, so its good to know they are still around.  Dorothy of South Island was in touch - is on her way to a ski-ing holiday with daughter and grandaughter.  My ski-ing days are long gone - insofar as they ever existed.

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