Thursday, 6 February 2014

More Cakes

It was a bit of a cookery day yesterday - I made the veggies Col bought back into a veggie stew - not bad considering I forgot to add herbs - and then, realising I had just used the last muffin from the freezer, I made another batch - not a large one as not many eggs left. But at least I have a supply in.  Otherwise I could hear myself saying:  "Sorry there's no cake in your packed lunch, but I was too busy watching "The Great British Bake Off", "The Great British Bakery", "Cakes Galore" etc etc to do any baking..."  And I wanted to avoid that.

Feel a bit stir crazy today. So my bad leg must be healing. Or maybe I am sleeping a bit better?  Hope so. Not that I could go anywhere even if I was able, as it is pouring with rain again. The sea hasn't reached the levels it reached yesterday though. Yet.

The Captain and Butterfly Mark are off at a conference about waterways - rather an urgent subject just now where in so many places its hard to tell where waterways end and roadways begin.  He was here for lunch though - pork pie and salad for him, the rest of the veggie stew for me.  It was a nice pork pie, from the Farm Shop, but I eat very little meat nowadays.

Actually the waves are quite spectacular now. I was just looking out of the balcony doors. There is a noise as of a thousand freight trains and the balcony is awash.

I have been having an interesting internet conversation with someone called Eli - we were talking about the way Quakers and Jehovah's Witnesses behaved during WW2, both of them knowing they should stay out of it and not kill.  But coming from slightly different angles. Quakers, as I understand it, are pacifists.  We, JWs, are neutrals, we try to be "no part" of the world, taking no part in its divisive politics and cruel wars.  We don't vote, so can't exercise even an indirect influence on things political. And we were severely persecuted by both sides during WW2.  Possibly Quakers were too?  Eli and I didn't get round to discussing that.

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