Monday, 10 June 2013

Yellow Poppies

Yellow Horned Poppy, Glaucium flavum
Captain Butterfly has given me a glimpse of the poppies now out on the beach via his camera. 

I drove to the Hall yesterday- and managed the reverse out of the (non-existent) carpark.  I feel a bit guilty taking up the elders offer of parking, as I don't want to be the thin end of a wedge for them. I am not the only one in the congregation with walking difficulties.

The Captain took me out for lunch to Arundel today.  The new bird lake is now filled up with water and is in the process of being planted.  There is a Kingfisher bank, and a new hide.  And a little island. It should be lovely. And this is surely one of the things Jehovah put us on the earth to do, to garden it, to make it a Paradise for man and the animal creation.

We had a nice lunch - quiche and salad for me, spag bol for him - and then I did my studying for the day - Jeremiah and Acts - while Col tried to photograph some warblers in the reeds.  I watched a mother duck and her ducklets bobbing about on the lake. She was bringing them across to the other side when a seagull came in for a landing.  It suddenly put the brakes on as it realised it was going to land right by the ducklings. Wisely I think.  Mum was already rearing up in a scary way.

Then the littlest duckling, in the rear, got fascinated by something in the water, and suddenly realised it had got left behind.  It clockworked like a jet plane across the water and got safely back to mum. Thank goodness.  What a dangerous world it is at the moment for the tiny things.

Spent much of this afternoon ringing up about medical appointments.

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