Sunday, 16 June 2013

Butterfly Paperwork

The second batch members for May arrived on Thursday, and their membership packages now await Captain Butterfly's next trip to the Post Office. 

Lovely sea yesterday. There was a strong wind - the balcony geraniums were waving about and the waves were racing at us.  Tennis at Queens seemed to have been rained off.

To Jacks for supper last night - fizzy wine, salmon, with a dill sauce, and choc ices - after a good cheese selection.  I have been craving something chocolate all week.  And to the meeting this morning, self-chauffered, as Captain B has had to get into his Superhero mode and go out on another rescue. His call-out buzzer rang at 4.00 this morning - and at 1.30 last night.  I am exhausted, so I dread to think how tired he is going to be when he gets back.

Its raining, and we will soon find out if Queens has been rained off again.

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