Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Busy Bea

We have a lovely new painting - acrylic - from Bea - as well as my beautiful butterfly robe and a butterfly bag.  And Jackie got her silk scarf last night.

She, and Jill and Tom, came over for supper - cold chicken, salad, hot potatoes and garlic bread. followed by the Comprehensive School version of Eton Mess (i.e. made with yoghurt not cream), cheese and chocolates.  We hope to go out for lunch in Arundel today - to the nature reserve, where we ought to see lots of fluffy little ducklets and moorchicklets and swanlets.

Its a sunny morning, so Captain B may decide to do his transect.

We were talking about Wimbledon last night- and about the fact that you can earn a fortune by being knocked out in the first round.  We all agreed that at our age we would be super at being knocked out in the first round, and really deserved the money.  But it was admitted that I would be best of all - top seed, as it were.

By the time I had zimmered slowly out to take the first serve - then zimmered slowly back again to get my glasses which I would be sure to have forgotten - and zimmered slowly back on court again, I would have incurred some time penalty that meant I would have forfeited the game.

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