Thursday, 13 June 2013

Walking - and the Increasing of Lawlessness Worldwide

Tuesday involved walking down seemingly endless miles of hospital corridors. I really should have taken advantage of the wheelchairs provided but I feel somehow that once I get into one I will never get out again...

Captain B was hurtling about all day, chauffering me, visiting the plover - no sign of the hatched egg scuttling about on the beach - which is either very worrying or  a tribute to its perfect camouflage -  posting a lot of butterfly magazines which have been requested by Audrey, and which I can parcel up but no longer take to the Post Office.

Yesterday was very quiet - I was exhausted - I felt like someone who had just tottered down from the summit of Everest - by one of the harder routes - in a blizzard (it was raining).

The increasing of lawlessness worldwide - a friend who lives in a quiet little cul de sac nearby had a terrible evening (dis)courtesy of a load of young  - very young - 11? 12? year old - thuglets, who damaged her house, threw stones at her windows, and upon her daring to object, shrieked obscenities at her, and said - correctly - "there is nothing you can do".

When she dialed 999 in desperation, the Police were wonderful, as was the girl on the other end of the phone who could hear what was happening and who told her not to go outside but to STAY on the phone till the police arrived.  Though it must be deeply frustrating for them, as in the end there is nothing much the law allows them to do.

But then the whole world is run by Satan and he encourages and rewards the sort of behaviour he wants - i.e. lawlessness.  He earned his title, Satan, by his rebellion against his Creator.

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