Sunday, 2 June 2013

Washing China by the English Channel

That could be the title of a Booker Prize winner, if I could write the book to go along with it.  But I did spend much of yesterday washing all our china and bits and pieces - a lifetime collection.   Captain Butterfly had wrapped them up and put them away for the duration of the building work, and I unwrapped and washed and polished for most of yesterday.

That always used to be my job, wrapping the china for our many moves, but I am about as much use as a chocolate teapot a lot of the time now.  I did have a proud record of No Breakages, which I spoilt in our last week in Expatland.  I had taken a whole load of carefully wrapped china round to an Indian friend who worked at the hospital. I gave her all our china.  Or I thought I had, but when I got back, I found some more plates in a cupboard in our vast American kitchen.  It crossed a dateline or two, and I once found a whole cupboard full of tea and coffee I didn't even know I had.   Crossly and carelessly I wrapped the plates up, drove too fast over a speed bump on my way back to her place, and broke one!

Jacks came round and we had our usual happy evening. We always seem to cheer each other up.  We had fish pie - all had second helpings - and a fancy fruit salad with ice-cream.

Its a sunny morning, and was sunny yesterday.  I was able to do my studying for the meeting today out on the balcony.

Today I hope to move all the books back out of my bedroom into the restored bookshelves, and get the bathroom stuff sorted and restored to my new bathroom.

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