Friday, 7 June 2013

Butterfly tongues

Captain Butterfly is getting ready for a Butterfly Conservation Day tomorrow.  The flat is full of colourful posters and handouts and what have you, all trying to alert people to the stresses on the butterfly populations.  Get things right for them, and it becomes right for so many other things.

I wondered if he would like copies of my "Butterfly Tongue Pate Recipe (a million butterflies a bite)" as an extra handout, but he went pale, and waved garlic at me.

A wonderful meeting last night.  I know I keep saying that, but the teaching just gets better and better, as they give us a deeper and deeper insight into the Inspired Scriptures.  We are still in our study of Jeremiah, and we can learn so much from how faithfully he kept going in very difficult times.  He relied completely on Jehovah, and not one of us will get through unless we have that strong a faith.

We begin the book of Acts next week, and once again learn how faithful, valiant and beleaguered the first Christian congregation was.

Col kindly chauffered both me and Audrey - we had door to door service to and from the Kingdom Hall.

When I got back I found there was a programme about William Tyndale on, with Melyvn Bragg presenting.  It was a powerful tribute to Tyndale and the love had for the Inspired Word of God and his determination to translate it into the vernacular so that everyone in England would be able to read it for themselves.  The programme pointed out how the power of his translation had a profound effect on the English language. As it would, given that the Bible is inspired by the Creator of language.   And Tyndale made his translations from the original language.

He died a terrible death - burnt at the stake - because of his determination that God's word should be read by all.  Jehovah will never forget that. So William Tyndale will surely live again. And if he was one of the saints, or "holy ones", (something for Jehovah to decide, not us), then he will already have been resurrected to heavenly life.

And I did wonder what he thought of the programme, if so. I hope he would have approved.

I did nothing yesterday beyond minimal housework, get us our lunch and supper, and do my studying...  I must do better today.   Maybe I should go and read to my moth babies on the balcony and get them reading ahead of time. I don't want to fall behind the other moth-ers in the coming sessions at the school gates. 

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