Saturday, 29 June 2013


by me

Who makes fantasies
In clay
Jars, bells, and chimes
Seems to have a knack
That I lack
All mine
Turn into ashtrays
Useful at least,
I thought
(and I'm not joking)
When I bought
my five thousand wobbly ashtrays
I found that the Sheik
Had given up smoking.

"Hadn't you noticed", said Captain Butterfly (in Sheik of Araby mode in our expat days), "that I haven't had a cigarette for the last few days?"

I had noticed he had been rather grumpy.

Anyway, the reason this little verse suddenly appears is not so much that I am hoping they will make me Poet Laureate (hint, hint), but that Bea kindly took a photo of some of the pots I made in my expat days. 

She left on Thursday, which made me feel a bit flat.  She had a safe journey, and quick except for getting across London.   Col kindly chauffered me to the meeting in the evening.  It was the monthly review.  Quite a few empty seats as so many are on holiday.

I wonder if I have any chance of the Potter Laureateship?

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