Friday, 8 February 2013

The Envoy from Zimmer City

Thursday was a day from hell - that is to say, the hell taught by Christendom - a place of torment - which is a teaching that put me off the whole idea of God and the Bible for many years.   Whereas, the Biblical hell - "Sheol" in the Hebrew Scriptures, "Hades" in the Christian Greek - is simply the ground, the grave, where the dead sleep "conscious of nothing at all",  awaiting a resurrection.

It would have saved Hamlet an awful lot of soliloquizing if he had only known that there are no dreams in the sleep of death.

Anyway, I had such a terrible attack of arthritis - or I assume arthritis - that I couldn't move. So painful - no sleep  - didn't know what to do with myself - couldn't stand up - couldn't lie down - in the end Col propped me up in a chair in a tower of cushions and during the day I managed occasionally to doze for a few minutes before being jerked awake as I started to topple off.   I have now graduated to a zimmer frame, and a different type of painkiller has been prescribed.

I don't know if they will help. I don't know that much is effective against the pain of an arthritis attack.

Captain B was wonderful.  Rallying round all day, and going out in the evening to get the new painkillers.

Obviously I did not get to the meeting last night, and I have had to cancel the physio today.

It is a beautiful sunny day, and a charming present from Bea just arrived in the post - some beautiful butterfly bookplates.

Stephanie came for supper on Wednesday night, before she and the Captain set off for the Detectors meeting.  I provided quiche and salad, followed by trifle.

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