Friday, 15 February 2013

Hotpool, farewell

Last session of Hydrotherapy today.  Feel a bit achey.  We looked for the waxwings on the way back, but didn't find them. Pity as the light was wonderful. We also shopped at Lidls and Col kindly drove me up to my furthest magazine route drop.  I am not finding this lady at home, but at least I can leave the magazines...

I have no idea if the hotpool has helped, but it was lovely to be in. I am hatching a plan to fill the flat up to chest height with really warm water so I can swim everywhere.  But I fear there might be a snagette or two which will prevent me from actually carrying out my plan.   The two flats below us for a start.

Got back to find the news that George is in hospital.

What is happening to us all?

I think its called: We are not as young as we were.

And yet we are not old. Any of us. We have only lived a few decades, and its no time at all.  It goes so quickly.  And how grateful I am for all Jehovah's promises that we can have the life "to time indefinite" that our first parents so tragically threw away.

Such a lovely meeting at the Kingdom Hall last night.  They are encouraging all who can to do the reduced pioneering hours in March.  We will be bringing the invitations to the Memorial of Jesus' death to your doors from the 1st of March on. And I hope my knees will permit me to have a part in delivering them.

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