Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sausages and the tyranny of sell-by dates

I went out on the work with one of my sisters yesterday morning.  Roadworks blocked the way to her house so I had to go round - and then got rather grumpy as she wanted to go to the corner Tescos to buy some sausages - which meant going round again.   The sausages she bought last week had gone past their sell-by date.

They could only have been past it by a day or two at most - and they are sausages - preserved meat - and like all of us, she has a fridge.

So the tyranny of sell-by dates is truly wasteful. It wasted sausages, petrol and time. And yet you can't tell anyone not to respect them - just in case.  Especially when they are not young.  So we got the sausages and set off for the other end of town hoping that the roadworks there were now finished and the road was unblocked.

And, thank you so much Jehovah, we had a positive morning - finding people in (a bit of a miracle in itself) - good talks - and yet another on my magazine route!  I didn't think she would even remember me, as it was last year when I called for the first time, and she is now in the middle of having a new kitchen. However, she took the Watchtower and Awake for February and would like me to continue to deliver them.

I felt so bad about not having called back till now, but its not easy.  I kept thinking that I would call in after the meeting on Sunday, but at the moment it takes me all my strength just to drive to the meeting, be there for a couple of hours, and get back.  So grateful I can though - as Jehovah's spirit is incomparable for giving comfort.  He is rightly called "the God of all comfort".

It was a beautiful sunny day.  Its grey and damp to day, although Captain Logger has set valiantly off on his Clearing Forest Rides for Butterflies Wednesday, with his usual box of sandwiches.

My knees are killing me this morning - whinge whinge - so I will not be doing much.    I have to start gym lessons again tomorrow.  This time with a physio called Dan. The lovely Alice has left...  hopefully Dan will be as nice.  But - gym lessons - I thought I had left those horrors behind when I left school.

Talk about a second childhood.

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