Sunday, 10 February 2013

A landscape

The world by the sea is all moody greys and greens this morning, with lots of white waves and a line of deep turquoise where Channel and sky meet.  Our balcony tiles are shining with rain.

I am hoping to get to the meeting this morning.  It will be my first time out since Wednesday.  We have a lovely Watchtower study - all about the stewardship that every Christian has. We have been given the treasure of the good news of the Kingdom, and we must share it.

I am in an internet correspondence with a Christian academic in the U.S.A.   We are talking about evolution - in which he is a believer.  I wrote to him yesterday, apologising for taking so long in replying and got an email straight back, saying he was enjoying our discussion. So I must respond today.  And Dorothy of South Island has been in touch.

It is afternoon now, and still raining  Sea and sky are a pretty uniform grey - the water a bit darker than the sky.  Captain B was not able to go out so he kindly gave me a lift to the Kingdom Hall and when he picked me up, he gave Joyce, a sister visiting from Worthing, a lift to the Tamarisk.

It was an afternoon of  butterfly paperwork.

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