Sunday, 17 February 2013

A glimpse of Spring?

A sparkling day. The sun is out, the English Channel is glinting with little waves in sunlight, there are lots of people on the green - and how i wish I could join them. Knees very bad today. Tottered to meeting which was great, and have pretty much been dozing over my strong painkillers ever since.

We had supper with Jacks last night. A roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings followed by a lemon pie.  And it was the usual fun evening - lots of laughing, which I needed.

I am brooding over the thought of knee operations...  I will have to talk to Jehovah about this. A lot.  

For one thing, at my age - in the Autumn/Winter of my life - the triage will be against me.  Will I find myself whisked onto the Liverpool "care" pathway before I know what's happening. And, if so, do they at least give you large doses of morphine? 

All things I shall have to ask the surgeon.

New knees.  What will they be like?   Will they charge up and down stairs with the rest of me desperately trying to keep up?

It was great to be at the meeting and to be reminded that this world system is temporary - and that when it is gone, no resident of the earth will say: "I am sick".

We will come alive again. Something we, the children of Adam, have never known. We are dying from the moment we are born. And, sadly, that is normal to us - we don't know anything else.

Though it doesn't seem right.  Interesting to read about Philip Larkin and the horror he felt about death from when he was a child.  He knew how wrong it was, but, sadly did not know what the Bible really says about it.   I wonder if it would have helped him if he had?

It would had he believed it.

I meant this blog to be about the feeling of spring in the air today, but my knees have rushed me off in a different direction. Well, not exactly rushed...

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