Monday, 4 February 2013

The Anti-Pollyanna

I had a bit of a meltdown after my knee diagnosis, followed by a gym lesson, which revived all the horrors of schooldays - though only because I was in something of a state of shock.  Anyway, I sobbed all the way home in the car.

Captain B came back from his outing with a present for me.  My tears dried as if by magic, as I pulled the wrappings off to reveal a lovely little cup with a pretty golden chaffinch on an autumn branch.  It said:
"Chaffinch's tufty peachy feathers, they are happy in all weathers."

"Chaffinch that!" I shrieked making headbutting movements,  "I'll give him happy in all weathers."

However, now I come to think of it, its amazing how Jehovah and the Christian message always do give you something to be happy about.  At the moment I am absorbed in replying to a nice American Academic, about evolution and such things. So the chaffinch and I are both perched prettily on our branches, singing away happily, in harmony.  

And I have to admit that we can learn so much from the creation.

Captain B is out, a'twitching, so I can sing. Otherwise he keeps looking pained and handing me the indigestion tablets, as my singing is nowhere near as harmonious as the chaffinch's.  


  1. Do you know the origins of this quote? My grandfather has an ornament bearing this Chaffinch quote and we wondered if it is from a poem.

    1. That's interesting Elaine! And thanks for visiting the blog. I don't know, but if you have it too, it sounds like it must be a quote from a poem. I put the phrase into Google but nothing came up except my blog. I might ask if they know the next time we visit the Wetland Trust, and will post the info, IF I get any. I am just about to drink my morning coffee out of the chaffinch mug.