Saturday, 23 February 2013


After all my moaning and whingeing about having to go back to P.E.lessons - i.e. physiotherapy - I will now admit that lovely and kind (and pretty) young Alice has been replaced by equally lovely and kind (and rather good-looking) young Dan.  He checked my knees thoroughly, assured me, as Alice did, that my muscles are not in bad shape, but that he can improve them.  And took me through some exercises - 300 press ups - over the vaulting horse many times - well, no, actually, a few gentle leg movements while lying on the couch.

My knees feel like they have done a thousand press ups, but at any rate, I am not dreading the next session so much now.

Tottered to the meeting on Thursday night. The Captain was at his rescue training, so I had to take myself.  I was driving my walking stick slowly along the road to the Hall when, suddenly, out of the night, on a white charger, appeared one of my young brothers, come to help me.   The meeting was lovely - and we start delivering the Memorial invitations a week today.  I am going to have to try to have a part in that.

Maybe the physio will help. 

My project today is to get the curry for tomorrow cooked.  And lie on the sofa a lot saying: Oh, my knees.

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