Friday, 28 September 2012

What to say?

A quiet week so far, with some stormy weather.   I got out on Tuesday with Audrey - we got to the Field Service Group and spent nearly an hour delivering invitations to the Open Day. We finished when we ran out of invites. Its the Hall Dedication tomorrow, with a brother down from London Bethel to give the public talk. He is also going to give the public talk on Sunday, so two things to look forward to.

Captain B has been to our local Tropical Butterfly House with Mark - to stave off butterfly starvation in the wet weather - and he has gone off to do his first woodland clearance today - a sure sign that winter is on the way.  I clucked him off with lots of remarks about "Watch out for your back".

I have a quiet day ahead in which I hope to achieve some paperwork and some study. But we shall see.

The Channel is a light grey blue and very ripply, no white frills as yet, and the balcony geraniums, lilac and salmon pink, still clash and whirl beautifully in the wind, framing the scene.

What a lovely retirement nest Captain Butterfly the Great has provided for us.  And what a beautiful world Jehovah has provided for us all.

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