Friday, 7 September 2012


I, along with other blogs, have been asked a series of questions by Dr.Danusha Goska, on her fascinating Save Send Delete blog.

The first question is:  
1.) If you could not be a writer, and you had to be some other artist – a singer, a painter, a mime, a puppeteer – what kind of artist would you be and why? (For Kim and anyone else who is primarily a visual artist who also writes: reverse the question. If you could not be a visual artist, what other art would you choose?)

So, its time for the two brain cells to get another work out. This at least is an easy one for me.  My creative outlets are writing and cooking.   And everyone one of us needs to create, even if not very brilliantly. We were made in Jehovah's image, and He is the Creator.   But if i could be some other artist (and I am going to cheat a bit and say, as well), I would work in cloth.  I would weave, or embroider, or simply create beautiful garments out of beautiful fabrics.  Perhaps I could combine painting, and paint glowing silk pictures as Bea does.

Oddly enough, a parcel arrived for me yesterday morning, and it contained a vibrant silky caftan Bea has made for me.  She knows just what I need for the mornings - something light and easy to get into, until my joints have loosened up enough to be able to have my shower and get dressed.

I have no skills in that direction - either painting or sewing.  Captain Butterfly is the button-sewer-on in our house.   But I would love to have, and very much admire those who do.

I often think of myself in the restored earthly Paradise - and its an "undeserved kindness", so I am not supposing i have got there on merit - and one of the things I picture is sewing at some beautiful tapestry, or even just repairing things, at a large table, in a beautiful room, with big tall windows, looking out over a forest full of Autumn colours, or maybe mysteriously snowy, with lots of other ladies, all of us sisters, working together in perfect happiness and harmony.

"Save Send Delete" is a great title for a novel by the way.  And good titles are not easy to find.

Yesterday was a very bad day arthritis wise, possibly because of eating things I usually wouldn't, as we were entertaining visitors.   But I had a chat to Richard on the phone. He is coming to the Hall on Sunday.  Which makes me so happy.  And I got to the meeting, and am so glad i did.  Not only was the teaching so sustaining, as always, but two young elders both took the time out to say some lovely upbuilding things to me, seeing I was struggling.


  1. Sue have you visited Anna Grzankowski's blog, Anna in Technicolor? I link it in the Save Send Delete blog post that mentions your blog, as well. Anna is quite the seamstress, and a nice person, to boot. perhaps you two can become facebook friends.

    And my heart goes out to you about the arthritis. I keep you in my prayers.

    1. Thanks Danusha, and I am off to visit Anna's blog right now.