Monday, 24 September 2012

Missing my sisters and remembering Sally

Nute and Pen left this morning, which is sad, but we had a lovely weekend together. There was a time when we were young marrieds, when we all lived in the same city - our brother included - and our parents, in their retirement bungalow. And Keith and Janet too.   I suppose we took it for granted at the time, but it was great just to be able to drop in.

Even Sally the dog used to take herself off up to her granny's at the bungalow every time she could - and head straight for the never-failing biscuit barrel.   She was quite an escape artist and, every time she disappeared, we had to search all the neighbours dustbins. She was very taken with the scenic beauty of dustbins - she found something within them (in a very literal way). Then if that search turned up nothing except a lot of ravaged dustbins and cross neighbours we began the trek up to the bungalow to reclaim her.

We went to the public talk at the Kingdom Hall - chauffered by the kind Captain Butterfly, who saved us from getting a soaking by providing a door to door taxi service.

Jackie came round for supper yesterday - Thai takeaway, courtesy of the siblings - lychees, ice-cream, cheese, and chocolates.  Its become a bit of tradition now.   We also got quite a lot of writing done.

The sea is exhilarating today.  It is turquoise blue, racing towards the shore, covered with white horses, and windsurfers.  It rained all morning, but is sunny now.

I hope to be at the field service group, driving Miss Audrey, tomorrow.

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