Thursday, 6 September 2012

Our baby hatched out

There was a shriek from the Captain this morning, and a hurtling about with cameras, as our baby butterfly, the Comma, had gone and hatched out.  He (or she?) had up and left before i had time to start worrying about the right school and getting through those teenage years.

I hope Charles/Charlotte the Comma will have a happy and fulfilled life out there, full of flowers and joy and wonderfulness - and a handsome/beautiful partner.  And many healthy caterpillars of course.

The Channel is a calm blue today, under a kindly September sun.

Dorothy o'South Island left this morning, off on her travels, and we had a bit of an Aramco reunion yesterday as Sue, who was also a long term resident on Planet Expat, came for lunch.  Then Jackie came over in the evening for a Thai takeaway - which Dorothy treated us to.

A nice reminder of old times, but also a reminder of how wonderful retirement can be, as we are all thoroughly enjoying it.    But how quickly it goes.

I gave them each a signed copy of "Old Playgrounds"...

Its the second meeting at our new Hall tonight, and I must get my talk - for next week! - panic panic panic - written.

And the second batch of butterfly members came flying through my letterbox yesterday and I need to get them safely hatched out and on their way.

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