Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sleeping Sally

Writing about Sally yesterday reminded me that I wrote this poem many years ago, after one of our walks in the park, when I was dog sitting.  I wasn't a JW when I wrote it, but I was wondering about the Why of things.

And please remember, re the idea of evolution, and ape-men, the fossil evidence still says Genesis - more and more strongly.  It does not harmonise with the idea of evolution.

And Genesis tells us we are falling from a state of perfection, not evolving.

by me

Sleeping Sally dreams of biscuits
Hordes and hordes and herds of biscuits
Herds of migrating chocolate biscuits
Thundering across the primeval plain.

Sally and ancestral sisters
Rush among the herds of biscuits
Bark and tumble, kill and guzzle
Satiated, they sleep under the hot sun.

The ape upon the hillside watches Sally enviously.
Soon the ape-man will have tools
He'll corral the biscuits into packets
And dole them out meanly - one by one.

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