Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Diary of a Couch Potato

At least, confined to my couch, there has been plenty to watch.  We saw Mo Farah win his second gold yesterday in that amazing 5000 metres race, and Tom Daley get the bronze in the face of some brilliant competition.   And so many many others.

What was upsetting yesterday was to see the Chinese diver, who got the silver (brilliant!) looking so depressed and with those around him in tears.  They should have been celebrating.  Tom Daley and his support team all leapt joyfully into the pool to celebrate his bronze medal and I wish the same could have happened for the young Chinese athlete.

And what to say about Usain Bolt?  Its all been said.  I loved the way he did a Mobot the minute his team won the relay.  That Jamaican relay team - wow!

I'm not too sure about Mo's saying that anybody could do what he has done with hard work and dedication - although if he is right, the Couch Potato Gold is mine in four years time.  So what will my trademark handsignal be?

Perhaps raising a nice hot cup of tea slowly to my lips in celebration?

I'm off to the kitchen to put the kettle on and begin my training.

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