Friday, 17 August 2012

Medical Matters

Or: What the Doctor said to me when I had my tubes tilted... (with thanks to Victoria Wood).

The Lovely Lung Test Lady has not only confirmed that I am still breathing - but also said that i may be able to move to yearly rather than six monthly tests... hurray... at least there is one bit of me that seems to be improving.  And the new doctor - also lovely! - at the Arthritis Clinic has got me on a new interim medication to try and get me back on my feet again - and is arranging to get me started on a new, and hopefully, permanent medication - one that I can cope with.

So though I feel exhausted after a morning touring round the hospital and pharmacy - you really need to be fit and healthy to cope - I am feeling much happier. There seems some hope of being able to move without such pain on the horizon.

I am also feeling exhausted and am off to lie on the bed - er, I mean get back into training for that Couch Potato Gold.

Captain Butterfly flew off after lunch, laden with cameras.  I have a chicken roasting in the oven against his return, and Jacks is coming over tomorrow to see the fireworks out at sea.  I shall just go and make his packed lunch for tomorrow and then collapse for while.

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