Monday, 20 August 2012


Splendid fireworks on Saturday night - from a boat anchored off the beach. Col, Jackie and me had premier seats as it all happened in front of our balcony. We had wine and hot sausage rolls and nibbles and a fun evening.  Loads and loads of people out on the Green.  The music was Abba.  I think it was a Jubilee celebration...

I got a bit carried away on my new medication and showed off by getting up out of my chair - gratuitously - twice - just to show i could.  For weeks and weeks it has been so painful to move that i only do so when I have to - and that very slowly. Am paying for my acrobatics now though.  But hope the new med will really kick in in a day or two.

Drove to the meeting Sunday but only just got there as it started.  It took me ages to get myself out of my car after i parked, and then I have to creak off down the alley and across the road.  Lovely lovely meeting though.  And once again I was struck by how practical Christian teaching is.

One thing our public talk covered were the practical applications of loving our neighbours as ourselves.  Not leaving litter everywhere for example - and being fair and impartial as Jehovah is.  There are many tensions now as the credit crunch tightens and jobs are few. We are constantly being reminded not to get caught up in them.

It has been very very hot with rumbles of thunder and a brief shower.  Its overcast and muggy this morning.  Captain B has done all the ironing - bless him. And i have made up his packed lunch as he will be off out chasing after Painted Ladies.  They are butterflies - or so he tells me.

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