Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Summer coming to an end...

Everything is lovely and sunny and summery, but there is a feeling of Autumn now, of summer ending - a strange feeling - reminding me of facing up to a new school year after the wonders of the long summer holiday.  I love Autumn though.  Captain B is out a'butterflying, having first posted the butterfly memberships for me and done some basic shopping. My excursion yesterday has left me pretty much housebound.  I have had a lovely morning on the balcony though, studying, and getting some sun.  Chatted to Audrey on the phone - we talked over our two lovely calls yesterday, thinking what we might say next. The main thing is to ask Jehovah to help.  The new meds not kicking in yet, but hopefully they will. Emailed a a virtual friend in the States who is waiting for the news after her cancer op.  We heard from Dorothy of South Island last night - and she will be coming to stay for a couple of days in September.  We have booked Jackie up for a Thai meal while she is here.  It will be lovely to see her.  We have had a quiet summer, visitor-wise, this year. Though that was perhaps not a bad thing, given my state of health.  Dorothy says she wants to take us for lunch at the Pallant Gallery, so I must persevere with the new meds and hope to be up to it.

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