Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cakeathon - the Return

At the meeting last night, we were asked for cakes - but this time for the Lancing Kingdom Hall build.  Apparently the Building Committee were very happy with the cakes we supplied.  And I know we have some great bakers in the congregation. One of my sisters makes a lemon drizzle cake that is better than the Waitrose version.  And the Waitrose version is so good that the Lemon Drizzle Shelf is usually empty.

We were reminded that, now our build is coming to its finish, we need to get back out on the preaching work.

So today I plan to make my usual cakes - marmalade muffins and a carrot cake - and take them to the sister in charge of cakes tonight.  And I hope to get out on both Saturday and Sunday, even if I can't make it to the groups.

Col will be flying off to do his butterfly count - so the Olympic Games are starting to wind down. The local butterflies have gone unphotographed for a week now.

Don't know what to say about them.  The Games, not the butterflies.  The organisation seems to have been good, very good, and the Stadium is lovely. The sculpture by Thomas Heatherwick is beautiful, as is the meadow.   And I have enjoyed the cycling and the sailing very much.  But but but... when the earth is restored to Paradise, will we have, or even want, Olympic Games?

For one thing, there will be no flags to wave then - so no point in the medal table.

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