Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Latest Health Scare and an Oyster Catcher

And I don't mean to imply that I have caught Oyster Catching or some such thing. Its just that there was an Oyster Catcher on the Green this morning and Col camera'd it.  They are more usually found on the beach.

This growing old is very scarey. It wouldn't be if we weren't dying of course, if we had been perfect as we were supposed to be. It would all be wonderful then.  And it will be wonderful when everything is made new.

Had some funny "turns" yesterday morning - appointment with doctor - lovely young doctor - or is it that they all look young to me now?    Explained symptoms - he diagnosed illness, which started with the wonderful word "benign".  It is an inner ear condition - common in "older people" - will likely clear itself - if not take meds - if meds do not work, then a small procedure, non-invasive, will follow.

Col says they will put me in something similar to the Apple Tree Shaker that was used as a murder weapon in one of Midsomer's innumerable murders, and shake me until my ear canals right themselves.  I am hoping he is wrong.  As he said it, he looked worryingly like Basil Fawlty when told that Sybil's operation was going to be "rather painful".

While I am on dismal subjects I have sadly to report that the "Brazen Hussy" that Bea bought us has died. Not that many plants can cope with life on a sea-facing balcony and it obviously couldn't. I think the one that she bought Jackie is still doing well though.

We were so pleased at the time that she bought us a Brazen Hussy, and not a Zimmeria, or an Incontinentia.

On a happier note, I am back in touch with an internet friend from Oz.  And he ends his email with a "please be sure to keep in touch".

Obviously I wasn't able to take Audrey out, not knowing what the funny turns might imply, or if i might black out at the wheel.  But I am now cleared for driving. And I had lots of consoling telephone talks with Maggie, Audrey and Jackie about it all.


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