Thursday, 19 April 2012

Her Indoors

I am still Her Indoors, though the legs do feel somewhat better. Foot still very swollen though.  Studied, did some housework, made the Captain's sandwiches - he fluttered off the minute the sun came out - and read. Got to the meeting last night - very glad to be in touch with my siblings again, but feel so bad I haven't been out on the door to door work.  Audrey has phoned every day and kept me in touch. There is a big meeting at the hall on Saturday morning for all us volunteers, as the building work is about to start.  Though what use I can be I don't know.  Can't exactly see myself climbing up ladders carrying bricks.  Maybe the brothers will need sandwiches and cakes making, that sort of thing. Hopefully I can do that.

Here is a poem - well definitely not a poem, but a verse - I wrote it so many years ago it makes me dizzy to think about.  We were visiting my brother - before he left for Oz - before he got married - before he had children.  He was a student at the time, I think, and was living in a friend's house in Bath.

It was so long ago.  One of the strange new things about getting old is that you have a longer and longer perspective - layers upon layer of memory.  Its good. But strange.

by me 

The spider guard to Judy’s plum tree
Nearly caught me
However tables neatly turned
 For Colin caught it in his hand
 It was lifted, turned, and photographed
 Exultantly our Colin laughed
 “This photograph, it will be good.”
 And sure enough, it got a first
 At the Dhahran Expat’s Camera Club.

We must have that spider photo somewhere, in one of the many many boxes we bought back with us from our expat years.

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