Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Zimmer Twins Ride Again

We managed an hour on the doors today - but only half an hour going door to door.  My twin (Audrey) had had enough by then, so we did some return visits.  I managed to place all my invitations to The Memorial on the 5th, which is a relief, as given the way my knees are seizing up I don't know if I will get out again this week.

Apart from the Memorial of course!  I must not miss that.  But my better half, Captain Butterfly, will be there to help me.

Col has been out all day taking photos of orange tips, which will soon be appearing on his blog.  Apparently there was a tiny sprinkling of rain over Arundel during the afternoon.  Either we didn't get it here, or it was too tiny for me to notice.   Its snowing in Scotland though.

Do I feel a snow poem coming on?

 by me

Black trees rattle in the icy wind
Through gale-smashed panes the greenhouse sings
Tights, shirts, tea-towels, bras and knicks
Dance to welcome eighty-six!

As you see this was written a long long time ago, in the days when my parents lived at the bungalow, and my mother hung her washing out in all weathers.

Now they are sleeping in death, knowing nothing of the years going by over their heads.  But I hope that they are safe in "the everlasting arms" and have a wonderful awakening ahead of them into the restored earthly Paradise.

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