Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Shameless Bit of Self-Promotion

Or I could have called this Blog: Please Buy My Book.

Here is a link to the Kindle version of "Old Playgrounds":

There is a lovely Captain B photo of the Derbyshire Dales on the front cover. They too were our childhood playgrounds, although none of us has written about them:

Users of ipod/iphone/ipad, Mac, Windows PC and Android devices can download a free Kindle app available here:

We plan for a Paper Version to be out soon for us old-style horse-drawn readers.

For some strange reason, Hollywood hasn't contacted my agent yet for the movie rights...

I hobbled off to the meeting last night - with every elderly snail in town hurtling past me - but had to be chauffered there and back by Captain Gallant.  I did make it to the field service group on Tuesday and managed over an hour doing return visits and route calls.

Bea is kindly reading through my as yet unpolished - though finished - and unpublished dive thriller.  It did briefly find an agent. 

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