Wednesday, 4 April 2012

When I was a student landlady

When I was a student landlady many years ago, I wrote this:

Look cats!
Here comes David
Our fourth year medic
Hurrying home
Run to meet him
Rush to greet him
He might have
bought you a liver
from that nice
dissecting room.

Urrrgh...  I couldn't write that now.

Done nothing to speak of today.  Waiting in until the afternoon for a call from the nurse who is coming tomorrow to supervise my fearsome injection.  Most of me seems to be covered in a bruise from my efforts last week, so I hope I can find somewhere to put the needle.

Did various bits of housework and studying, and chatted to Bea back and forth on the email.

Its been sunny here with a cloudless blue sky and a calm Channel, but its getting much colder.  The snow is coming down from the north, but will probably reach us as scattered showers sometime tomorrow.

Its the Memorial of Jesus' death tomorrow.

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