Friday, 15 July 2011

The Mystery of the Missing Walking Stick

We went to Goodwood - not for the races - but to look for Captain B's walking stick.  When we got there he remembered where he had left it.   Not at Goodwood.  But it was a lovely drive.  And we stopped at Brandy Hole Copse on the way back.  The butterflies were out in force - see The Captain's Log - and he also took some shots of the summer meadow.
It all reminded me how nice it is to be able to spend time together in the week - like going back to our Uni courting days.

I gave my talk at the Ministry School last night.  Jan was a wonderful householder and we got through it on time. And i managed to work completely without a script - for the first time I think.   That is because I kept it very simple.

Charles had a chat with me afterwards and told me what speech quality I am to work on next time.

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