Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Butterfly from Mars

Blue fur!

Captain B had a very successful butterfly day.   I studied and did housework - dusting, polishing, washing clothes - the Monday routine.

It was the Meeting at the Kingdom Hall yesterday morning.   And I am feeling very guilty as I did not go on the work afterwards as I intended.   There was a lot of business to see to after the meeting - and Joyce was visiting again.  So I drove her back to her sister's flat.

And somehow after i had done all that it was lunchtime and I went home. And I think I slept quite a lot in the afternoon.

I should be able to get out more this weekend though as Capt B will hardly be around he has so much in his calendar.

Jean rang re our plans for the Brighton Convention - Ken is going to take us on the Friday.  Jacks rang re meeting up for supper, but we can't at the moment synchronise our calendars - this week is so full.

Life as you get older...  there was an article in ...(?) The Mail online (possibly) about the diffculties of dating when you are over fifty.  I am wondering if you should want to be dating - even if you are single.  It sounds so teenage, and was rather a fraught business as i remember it.

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