Friday, 1 July 2011

A July day in retirement.

The 1st of July already.  And a sunny one too.   It was always such a happy month when I was a child as it was almost school-free - and it seemed to last forever - with August - also school-free - to come.

I hope it will be a happy month now, but this time I know it won't last very long.

Anne of the Cape rang me yesterday and we had a long chat. She is full of interesting questions as ever, which I am in the process of trying to answer by email.

Captain B left on butterfly safari but came back in time to watch Our Gallant Scottish Lad Andy Murray being beaten in the semi-finals at Wimbledon by Rafael Nadal.   Rafael Nadal played better than him - a cunning tactic that was shockingly successful.

I shopped, posted the June Watchtower to the guy at the fortress flats.  Unless I catch him at home (and he works shifts) I can't get in, or anywhere near his letter box. And I got chicken and salad and strawberries so we could lunch in front of the box.  Jean rang to update me on the mysterious lady who asked us to call and to make arrangements for us to work together tomorrow.

And we got a postcard from Linda and Nick in France.

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