Thursday, 14 July 2011

In a summer meadow

We were in a summer meadow on beautiful Kithurst Hill yesterday. So I decided to find a couple of poems I wrote many years ago about summer and inflict - er - privilege my blog readers with them.
Marbled White

 by me 

Summer comes to Sheffield
And greens the thick ribbon of trees
That ties the stone villages of the city.
Daisies dance on Dore lawns
Botanical gardens bloom
Round Ringinglow
Heather moorland hums with bees.

And by contrast:

SUMMER in ARABY   115 degrees
by me

I feel like a piece of toast
A barbecue roast
A restaurant broast
This heat is the uttermost.

Took Audrey shopping on Tuesday and we went out on the field service.  Then I went to Beryls to meet her and Jannett so we could practise for my part in the School tonight.  Aargh.  I will be glad when its done.  Its 3 years since I appeared in the Ministry School.

Before that, Col, Ronald and I have to clean the Kingdom Hall.   And the poor Captain was called out at 1.15 this morning on an urgent search - people rescue, not whale rescue this time.

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