Friday, 8 July 2011

For Free Chocolate Cake...

Now that you have been tempted into my blog I can reveal:
(a) that the doors are now locked
(b) that the full title of this blog is "For Free Chocolate Cake Look Somewhere Else".

Sorry.  But I need an audience for my poem. Its quite short so don't panic.

I sent it off (many years ago) to a competition run by a magazine that was being edited by Auberon Waugh.  I suppose it could have been The Oldie.   He wanted some more Mrs.Ravoon adventures - see:

So I wondered where the scary lady had come from.  And wrote this:


The ship has returned
From the alien star
Captain and crew
Who knows where they are?
Nothing inside
But a large silk cocoon
In which form the features of

I didn't win.

It is a wild and stormy morning with waves building up on The Channel.  It should be a quiet day today  - study - paperwork - housework - telly watching.

Second day into new medicine... strong stuff... apprehensive... will it turn me into  MRS RAVOON!  

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