Tuesday, 5 July 2011


We got the sad news yesterday that Aunt Margaret has died.   Soon there will be no-one left who remembers the wonderful Grannyworld of Nabbs cottage.  When I was a child it seemed as if it had always been there, and always would be there.

But, one by one, we are all going over the edge.

Captain B has taken a wonderful outer space shot in the Downland.  It looks like at any moment Dr.Who and team will turn up to save the caterpillars from the crab spider.

But who knows, perhaps in outer space, its the other way round.  Though I think those caterpillars will be alright either way, as their coats signal like mad "I'm poisonous, don't eat me!!"

Audrey and I were out this morning. We started my magazine route calls and delivered most of my invitations to the upcoming Convention in Brighton.  It was very hot in the car, but there was a refreshing sea breeze outside.

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